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      大道同行,長風破浪,云間比翼,歷經十年,共建“一帶一路”倡議的腳步愈發堅實?!爸袊臁本G蔭地閃耀卡塔爾世界杯,項目攬獲六項世界之最;中希合作助力“比港神話”再現愛琴海畔,海洋之舟重整遠航;中國“絲路雄鷹”遨游寰宇,引領多國向藍天要發展。 自共建“一帶一路”倡議提出以來,一大批高質量合作項目在共建國家開花結果。展望下一個十年,中國攜手“一帶一路”朋友圈,賡續絲路精神,譜寫海陸空三線聯動新篇章,共建更美好的世界。(林卓瑋)

    (ECNS) -- On land, in the sea and air, co-constructed projects by Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) partner countries span an array of sectors.

    Notably, the Lusail Stadium, jointly developed by a Chinese enterprise, stands as a testament to this collaborative effort, achieving six world records and emerging as a highlight during the Qatar World Cup. Another success story lies in the port of Piraeus in Greece, which, under the stewardship of a Chinese company for over a decade, has witnessed a revival of prosperity.

    The BRI's influence extends beyond  traditional modes of projects on land and sea. Over the past decade, the Air Silk Road has exemplified China's expansion of its aviation transportation network with BRI partner countries, reshaping global connectivity and fostering increased collaboration.

    Since the launch of the BRI, numerous high-quality collaborative projects have yielded fruitful outcomes. This success can be attributed to the Silk Road spirit, which knows no geographical boundaries.

    China will join hands with more countries. Together, BRI partners are building a better world.


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